How to start PHP Programming. Write your First Program in PHP

Here I will show how to start php programming. Lot of my friends like php, but there is a starting trouble. This will help you to write your first php program.

You need to install LAMP (Linux Apache, Mysql, PHP )Server.

Now you can check your Apache webserver

Open a browser (firefox) and type http:// in address bar

It Shows " It Works "

Now you can test your PHP

See your server root is pointed to the folder /var/www by default. So you have to save your programs in /var/www. But There is a problem, you can't write in to the folder /var/www as ordinary user, it needs root privilege . (I am using gksu for solving this proble, it will ask for your sudo password)

open a terminal type the following

$cd /var/www

$ gksu gedit helloworld.php

write the program

now save and quit

open browser (firefox)

type the following in the address bar

Now You will get the result in the browser

" hello world"

Now your First PHP program is Working

write valuable comments for helping php beginners